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Fear Itself

ByNicol Ogston

Nov 2, 2015

Fear is a compelling force. It has the ability to motivate, paralyse, and entrap anyone among us. It is an encapsulating feeling which defines humanity; to fear is to be human in the rawest of ways. Fear Itself explores levels of fear by examining a substantially long list of horror films from the past century.

The horror gurus will encounter a plethora of lesser-known films whose elements have contributed to the modern development of fear in horror. We are accompanied on this journey by a narrator, who in a monotonous voice, deconstructs and considers the more compelling aspects of why we expose ourselves to fear in the way that we do. This programme at the very least will inspire some gentle tinges of unease and provide you with a list of horror titles you may have missed. Intriguing, intellectual, and definitely worth a watch – but definitely not before bed.

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