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Feeder surprise with acoustic rerelease of ‘Dove Grey Sands’

ByLize Geurts

Oct 1, 2018

Without any announcement, neither on their website nor any of their social media profiles, rock band Feeder have released an acoustic version of their song ‘Dove Grey Sands’ as part of an acoustic EP. As the track is stripped of its former trippy synth sounds and heavy reverb on the microphone, a few simple chords and Grant Nicholas’ fragile vocals reveal how the song was always supposed to be heard: a song beautiful because of its simplicity and tangible emotion. The track was featured on Feeder’s album Pushing the Senses, their first release after former drummer Jon Lee’s suicide in 2002. Why Feeder chose this song for their first unplugged venture is unclear. ‘Dove Grey Sands’ was not even featured on the band’s album The Best of Feeder, released in 2017. Could it be a teaser for an upcoming acoustic album? Or is it a track the band always felt deserved more appreciation? This would not be unjust; the reimagined version of ‘Dove Grey Sands’ is definitely worth a listen.

Image: Marcus Bowen via Wikimedia Commons

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