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Fergie: L.A.LOVE (la la)

ByBisi Adejumo

Feb 3, 2015

After a long eight years’ break from the music industry, Fergie’s new single ‘L.A. Love (featuring DJ Mustard)’ seemed to be great news for the fans of former Black Eyed Peas’ singer.

The mix of rap and a mellow beat are enjoyable and remind listeners of the hits that made Fergie so popular such as ‘Glamorous’ and ‘Fergalicious’. Furthermore, catchy lyrics such as “Laid back, slow down” instantly become stuck in your head.

However, while the single at first seems good, the extremely repetitive chorus of  “la, la, la” becomes very irritating after a couple of listens. Also it’s not until the song gets stuck in your head that the beat starts to sound very similar to songs like ‘Rack City,’ which makes the single seem like a recycled hit.  So on the whole, this may not have been the best comeback attempt.

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