• Tue. Jul 16th, 2024

Film and TV meet Eff the Tudors

We spoke to Jenny and Ben, recent graduates who wondered ‘what about all the women, BAME, and LGBTQ+ people?’ that they never heard about in history class. They decided to create a podcast to highlight these important stories.

Alexa: Your podcast is called Fuck the Tudors – Why do you hate the Tudors?

Jenny: I mean who doesn’t hate the Tudors? They should just get out.

Ben: They had too many wives.

J: When we first made the podcast, we were wondering what we should talk about. We both enjoy telling history stories. Neither of us did history at Uni so we’re not qualified to do this, but we decided to do it anyway. And I personally got taught the Tudors six different times in school, from year three to A-Level. And it was just… too much! I think we need to stop celebrating this man who murdered all his wives. But that’s history, baby! You’ve got to get down with the atrocities.

Aron: For those people that haven’t listened to it, can we get a brief summary of the podcast? How is it different?

B: Well, both of us try and tell jokes. That’s really the aim.

J: “Try” being the key word there. There’s the more serious political aim which is that we think the education system in the UK is a bit shabby. We’re clearly having massive governmental impact. Matt Hancock listens every week I’m sure.

Ar: You guys work really well together on the podcast. Have you known each other for a while?

J: We went to university together and met in the comedy society, and then essentially spent a year solid just with each other, which was a bold and interesting move.

B: Mostly just watching Naked Attraction.

J: And there’s this great show on Channel 4 called Slutever, which is basically just about kinky sex.

Al: What do you think your favourite thing is to cover in the show? Do you have any favourite episodes you’ve done so far?

B: I don’t really like any of them. I don’t know why we do it. Jenny, can we stop? Jenny says really mean things about me when we’re not running. I think we’ve gotten better though. I’d suggest people start with Season 2.

J: We’re going to do a Season 3. We’d love to have guests on but with Covid times, that’s a sticky one. We’re also thinking of doing three-episode specials where we focus on one big aspect of history. We want to do something on legends and myths, as I think they’re just as important as big-boy history.

Al: What is your research process like? Do you have any go-to sources, or do you just google “Interesting historical facts about bisexuals?”

B: We have to record on Monday night. So, we wake up on Monday morning and think “Shit!” I have a list from when I scroll through Instagram and see posts like “Ten people from history who….” Then I do some preliminary stuff on Wikipedia to see if someone has potential to be interesting and amusing.

Al: Are there any history podcasts that you like listening to?

B: There’s a couple of feminist history podcasts that I use to research like The History Chicks. But I would not recommend listening to them. I would recommend listening to us. They’re not very funny.

Ar: Is there something political you’re trying to do with the podcast? In the first episode you talked about Gavin Williamson and the education reforms that he failed to do. Are you trying to fill a gap?

B: Our main cause is to get Jeremy Clarkson to come out.

J: I don’t think either of us would claim to be the most informed people to talk on certain subjects. I think it would be lovely if there was more talk about reforming the history curriculum to look at British and world history in a way that’s more realistic. In a way, that’s why it’s called Eff the Tudors, because if you say that British history is one thing, and it’s the Tudors, that’s really lame. British history is not one one hundred-year period.

Find Jenny and Ben on Instagram @eff_the_Tudors_podcast and search Eff the Tudors on Spotify, iTunes, or wherever you listen to your podcasts.

Image: Eff the Tudours