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Finding Dory

ByNico Marrone

Aug 11, 2016

In the sequels department, the animation powerhouse that is Pixar tends to have mixed results. Certainly the Toy Story franchise has gone from strength to strength but aside from these films, the other sequels like Monsters University and Cars 2 (especially Cars 2) represent low points in the studio’s history. The sequels often lack the heart and joy of the original production, thankfully for Finding Dory this is not the case.

It’s necessary to mention at this point that I have never been a huge fan of Finding Nemo, not that it’s a bad film, I just feel that other Pixar films such as Up and Wall-e are well … better.  That being said, this sequel has made me re-evaluate that opinion.

The audience is whisked back to a beautifully realised world under the sea to re-join the titular Dory along with Marlin and Nemo as they travel across the Pacific to California in the hopes of finding Dory’s long lost family. Along the way they are joined by an eclectic mix of new characters including Hank, a haphephobic Octopus hell-bent on escaping the ocean, and Dory’s childhood ‘pipe-pal’ Destiny the Whale Shark. All are wonderfully realised by the beautiful animation that Pixar is renowned for, and the development in technology since the original film has only served to make the world feel even more magical.

Similarly, the vocal talents (both old and new) help to bring this world to life in typically wonderful fashion. However it is Ellen DeGeneres’ performance as Dory that, in the end, forms the emotional heart of the film, as it should do. She flawlessly switches between the comedy and heartbreak that the film revolves around and excellently captures the trauma that her character has endured over the years.

What criticism can be made is sparse, the plot itself is somewhat simplistic and doesn’t exactly tread new ground but that is forgivable considering the targeted audience’s age-range and even then older viewers won’t mind as they too become entranced by the journey that unfolds before them. Fans of Finding Nemo will equally find a great deal to love as nods are made to the previous film without being too gratuitous and alienating new audiences.

In total Finding Dory is a heart-warming tale of self-discovery that is sure to appeal children and adults alike.


Image: -_-Жека Белый-_-; Youtube

By Nico Marrone

Former Film Editor

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