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Finding your favourite falafel: a comprehensive guide

ByIza Horbaczewska

Mar 15, 2021
Food photography of falafels

A hummus falafel wrap is almost as synonymous with Edinburgh students as mullets and flared jeans. Maybe you’ve just begun dipping your toe into the wonderful world of chickpea goodness or maybe you’re a seasoned expert who can distinguish between The African Wrap and the Nile Valley equivalent. Either way, I’m certain you will appreciate the work of Instagram account @everyhummusfalafelinedinburgh. I caught up with the owner of the account, who prefers to be shrouded in mystery, to ask them a few of my burning questions. 

The wraps are candidly rated out of 10, based on taste, texture (no one likes a dry falafel) and filling rations. To date, 12 wraps, ranging from a Sainsbury’s meal deal to a homemade number, have been reviewed. Thus far, it is the Nile Valley ‘African wrap’ that claims the top spot with an impressive rating of 9/10 from this judge. Although, the account owner admits to not being loyal to either The African Wrap Place or The Nile Valley; simply the one with the shorter queue. 

254 loyal followers eagerly await the verdict of this omniscient connoisseur, offering suggestions of varying takeaways that serve this delectable snack. But this specialist is well versed in the Edinburgh falafel circuit. Instead of venturing to the Big Cheese the first night of freshers, this account owner sniffed out yum yum Kebab House in Grassmarket (a personal favourite – I have been known to leave a night out early just for a mouthful of a wrap from there). It was in fact this wrap that inspired the whole account… a drunken stroke of genius to share the simple pleasure of a good wrap with fellow fans. 

Whether you accept the ratings or not (in my opinion, the Ephesus takeaway deserved better than a 5/10), I’m sure you’ll agree that @everyhummusfalafelinedinburgh is bringing the world what we never knew we needed – a ranking of every hummus falafel in Edinburgh.

Image: Louis Hansel via Unsplash