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First LGBT+ clubnight held at Teviot

ByLydia Willcocks

Oct 31, 2017

On Friday October 27, the launch of the University’s first LGBT+ clubnight, took place in Teviot Underground. Named ‘CRUSH’, the event was organised by Edinburgh University Students’ Association Liberation Campaigns with Edinburgh University’s Students’ Association. It was the first official event of its kind, designed to accommodate the queer population at Edinburgh.

To mark the end of Black History Month as well, the night was filled with the musical talent of black artists and producers as a celebration of black culture and art.

With Pride flags flying and everyone on the dance floor, the night was filled with a supportive, accepting and fun atmosphere. Renee, studying History, spoke to The Student, and noted how everyone was “dancing and [that] they [didn’t] feel self-conscious.” She added: “here, nobody really cares, it’s so beautiful.”

It was a hugely enjoyable night with Phoebe, studying Philosophy, saying to The Student, that the night’s “low key” and “casual” nature resulted in it being a “fun evening”. Issi, studying History, applauded how inclusive the event felt and how “at ease and relaxed” everyone around her seemed.

Delphi Macpherson, Edinburgh University’s LGBT+ Officer, noted that the event being run through the Edinburgh University Students’ Association meant that they were able to make the event free and “accessible to everyone.” Additionally, the collaboration with the Edinburgh University Students’ Association allowed it to be a more inclusive event that “the people who are not always involved in the more niche queer nights [had] a place to come.”

The night was also about raising money for LGBT Health and Wellbeing, a Scotland-based charity that promotes the wellbeing and equality of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people. Its purpose is to provide support and services to the LGBT community with a particular focus on helping to reduce social isolation and promoting the adopting and sustainment of healthy lifestyles.

Future LGBT+ clubnights are in the works, with the next being provisionally planned for December. It will fall near to World AIDS Day, thus holding the purpose of raising awareness for the disease as well as raising funds for Waverly Care, the UK’s first hospice built in response to the growing AIDS epidemic in Edinburgh.

With the launch being a success, it is hoped that many more queer-oriented events will continue to take place and that the LGBT students at Edinburgh will always feel safe and supported and have a place and community to call their own.


Image: Lydia Willcocks

By Lydia Willcocks

Lifestyle Editor

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