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Five ways to use Creme Eggs

ByBethan Morrish

Apr 2, 2017

It’s that time of year again: the short window when it is completely acceptable to gorge yourself on as much chocolate as you want because, as everyone knows, if it’s in the shape of an egg, the calories don’t count. More importantly, it’s the only time of the year that the holy grail of the chocolate world is in the shops: the Cadbury Creme Egg. So that you don’t waste these precious weeks eating Creme Eggs like a normal person, here are some suggestions to help you consume them creatively.

Creme Egg Brownies

Probably the most basic thing in this list, but almost definitely the best way to consume as many Creme Eggs as humanly possible. Essentially just whip up a brownie mix and, with about 5 minutes left of baking time, slice some Creme Eggs in half and pop them on top of the brownies with the yolks on show. Each slice will have a semi-melted Creme Egg  inside and it will be incredible.

Creme Eggs for breakfast

If you want to kick off your day with a breakfast of kings, consider replacing normal eggs with the Creme variety. Mix them into pancakes, melt them over croissants, slice them into porridge… Literally put them in or on any breakfast food you can think of and your day will be off to an infinitely better start.

Creme Egg scotch eggs

This really isn’t as revolting as it sounds. By mixing chocolate cake crumbs with butter, icing sugar and cocoa you can create a chocolatey coating that has a similar consistency to shortcrust pastry.  Roll your spare Creme Eggs in this, and then cover them in melted chocolate and leave to cool. Maybe about as far from a real scotch egg as it’s possible to be, but still a food of the gods. Plus, we live in Scotland so it would be rude not to, right?

Creme Egg martini

Personally, this seems like a lot of effort when you could just eat a crème egg and then take a shot, but each to their own. The internet is full of impossibly indulgent Creme Egg-inclusive cocktail recipes, so if you fancy drinking your Creme Egg then why not do it in style. The basic principle is: melt a Creme Egg, mix it with a chocolate-flavoured alcohol of your choice, and serve in a fancy glass.

Creme Eggs and soldiers

Traditionalists will prefer to dip lil’ soldiers of toast in their creme egg, but my suggestion would always be chocolate fingers. Nothing compares to dipping Cadbury’s chocolate into some more Cadbury’s chocolate.



Image: Jack Donaghy via flickr

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