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FKA Twigs releases biblical ‘home with you’

ByRosamond Sutton

Oct 24, 2019

Women are of service to others, to men, to their bodies. They are repairing, devoting, they are punished. Rarely can we articulate this, be all of these things at once and angry too, but FKA Twigs in ‘home with you’ comes close.

She hymns, and there is such heavenly, hurting pain in the phrase “if you’d have just told me” that applies to so, so many things; a ripe and pulsing anger and devotion that exists at the same time. This woman is repairing, and even though no one is ever truly repaired, whole, she is returning and strong. She sulks and stomps, resistant and withholding, and then she starts the questions, and something is released, and then she takes it in again.

Maybe she wasn’t ready, to plead and beg please and cry. But then they’ve been stoking her fire, someone is devoted to her too, and she’s high. She stands in a choir of her past selves, the different layers of her current selves, the selves she’ll become, and its released again. To listen to how she surfaces and returns, such enlightened connection and colliding that settles at the end, where Biblical clouds open.

Image: BoboBoom via Flickr

By Rosamond Sutton

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