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Flat-hunting 2019: how to overcome the struggle of finding flatmates

ByCaroline Bernet

Feb 9, 2019

The beginning of second semester usually has students buzzing with the question of ‘who am I going to live with next year?’ Stressing about finding accommodation can be hard enough but takes a whole other level when there is also the question of finding people you feel comfortable living with. Asking friends about their living arrangements, no matter how straight-forward they may be, can be difficult and seems like an awkward question to pose when your situation is not entirely clear. If you are struggling right now to figure out your flatmate situation here are a few tips to slightly put you at ease.

One thing that is so important to remember at the beginning of this process is the importance of assessing your own needs and being honest with yourself. Really think about the best living situation for you. For a lot of people, this may mean living alone and that’s perfectly alright. Some people may also feel the need to distinguish between flatmates and friends, choosing to live with people they consider ‘flatmates’ more than friends. Making these decisions can be tricky but will go a long way in terms of maximising your level of comfort in the next year.

If you are someone that needs to live with other people, it can be tricky to decide who that may be. You can ask friends from your accommodation, your societies, or from your course. Don’t be afraid to ask friends that don’t necessarily know each other, but keep in mind whether you believe they would get along well. You may decide to live with a group of your best friends, but if not that’s perfectly okay. Just undergoing the process of looking for a flat will bring you closer together even before you move in.

It can still be difficult to find people to live with and if that is how you are feeling, remember there are still lots of options. The university, and more specifically the Advice Place, has a lot of ways to meet potential flatmates. Although this may seem intimidating, there can be a comfort in knowing that there are lots of other people in the same position that feel the same way. Just remember to stay open-minded.

The Advice Place has a notice board that is available to everyone. If all of those still seem unhelpful, there are still a lot of students that post adverts for flatmates on Facebook pages concerning student accommodation. Make sure to meet any potential flatmates in person before deciding.

Regardless of where you’re at in the whole finding of flatmates process, remember to take a deep breath. At the end of the day, if you have a positive attitude and don’t put too much pressure on yourself for the ‘perfect’ living situation, everything will be absolutely fine. It can be easy to get caught up in what everyone else is doing. There is no perfect number of people to live with and even the people that decide to live with their best friends can have problems. There is not one ideal living situation because everyone is different with varying levels of comfort.

Overall, the best advice throughout this process is to take some time and to be really honest with yourself about what you need. Be honest to potential flatmates to avoid any future issues as even though this can be tricky and maybe even filled with difficult conversations, honesty is the best way to ensure you and your future-flatmates have a great relationship moving forward.

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