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Footballers, Sex, Money: What’s Gone Wrong?

ByLauren Leigh Porter

Nov 23, 2015

Footballers, Sex, Money: Whats Gone Wrong is the brilliant BBC Three documentary that should not be missed. Amal Fashunu takes the audience through interviews with footballers, and those who have been caught up with them.

What is most alluring about this documentary is that Fashunu is herself the daughter of a footballer, and therefore offers personal feelings about what has gone wrong. This makes the programme not only interesting but weaves a bit of reality into it as well because, to be honest, it is a world that is hard to comprehend, especially when you are a student who lives off rice and tofu.

The program straight away hits you by airing the video of the three Leicester footballers who had an orgy whilst on tour. The language  used and degradation exhibited of the women that they are with is just vile. It is hard going, and a very provocative way to start the show.  Nevertheless, it works, as this is the reality of what some men – and I mean some – with more money then I will ever earn in my lifetime are doing in their ‘chill’ time.

The show goes on with Fashunu interviewing both retired footballers and those who are still playing, asking how do young footballers get away with this behaviour, and why are they doing it all in the first place? She speaks to victims who have been raped by footballers, and to those who have cashed in from the sexual antics with the big ballers.

Overall, the documentary kept me watching right up until the end when Fashunu speaks to her own mother, who left her footballer father after he had cheated on her. This emotional touch brought the realisation of what these situations incur and the after-effects endured.

You know you are onto a good programme when you want to scream at your laptop in disgust – but, at the same time, not so loud that you cannot hear what is being said.


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