Four in Four

Radio Four have just made your listening dreams! They have created Radio Four in Four. The idea is simple: they answer some of the most interesting questions or tell the story of someone poignant in under four minutes. Also on the podcast page, they have created four-minute reads, intelligent time wasting and podcasts.

The titles range from: ‘Why did humans learn to speak and not animals?’ – which in just over four minutes takes you back to the beginning of man and discusses the idea that there is a specific gene that allowed us to speak.

Other intriguing titles include ‘How to get turkeys to laugh at fireworks’ which, If I am honest, I was not thinking would be that interesting. However, I definitely found myself laughing at the way these men have got their turkeys to not be bothered by fireworks.

Another interesting part of this new idea from Radio Four, is the podcast section. Everyone loves a good podcast and Radio Four have cleverly created a weekly podcast that covers snippets taken from the week’s other shows.

Essentially it states that it is audio to make you think, question and feel. The weekly show is narrated by Kathy Clugston, who literally has the best radio voice in the world. It also runs on a nice length of around 20 minutes, so there is no excuse.

The podcast page also has loaded up a thought-provoking play called Best Queue. The outline of the play is that there is a queue and when you reach the end of it you will receive one million pounds.

The play tells the story of one family’s queuing experiencing. It is a very interesting concept: as word spreads, the queue gets longer and people go from being friendly to being ruthless; then the queue starts getting so long it goes through people’s houses, and then all hell breaks loose. It is around an hour long, but definitely worth a listen.

Overall, these short sharp bursts of information are not only perfect for the procrastinating student, but are actually fascinating.

Image: Timo Newton-Syms

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