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Four Tet reinvents his sound as KH on ‘Only Human’

ByAdam Moore

Mar 21, 2019

‘Only Human’ is the new single from KH, an alias of Kieran Hebden, aka Four Tet. The track was composed in only a few hours after Hebden overheard Nelly Furtado’s ‘Afraid’ playing and decided to feature a sped-up sample of it on his new single. The track was announced via a tweet featuring a picture of Furtado’s Loose, captioned ‘the sample has been cleared.’

‘Only Human’ marks Hebden’s first release since 2017’s New Energy, and it’s a far cry from its meditative, ambient sounds, instead featuring heavy bass and driving tempo. This is indicative of Hebden’s unparalleled versatility which continues to mark his place as one of the UK’s most innovative and relevant producers. ‘Only Human’ as with many of Hebden’s previous releases finds success in the simplicity of a bassline and one unique sample. Expect to hear ‘Only Human’ gracing clubs across the UK for many years to come.


Image: Neon Tommy via Flickr

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