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Frank and the Golden Era of Radio

ByChris Lynch

Dec 1, 2015

This Monday, BBC Radio Two welcomed Paul Gambaccini to explore the radio career of musical legend Frank Sinatra. ‘Ol’ Blue Eyes’ enjoyed prominence during the golden age of radio in America, and what emerges is a tale of Sinatra’s variety as a performer.

Not only a pioneer singer, he also found success as an actor, comedian, and even occasional presenter, all on various radio shows of his own on NBC and CBS throughout the 1940s and 50s. He then ventured on to TV. But despite his dabbling in television, it was Sinatra’s radio shows that were the most highly praised; his appearances on the small screen often attracted criticism for his supposedly impatient personality and unimaginative broadcasting.

This radio show is a fascinating romp through the career of one of the huge stars of the 20th century. It is loaded with a comforting nostalgia, but it retains an energy and dynamism that keeps the pace of the show fast and animated. Tune in to discover an enigmatic showman and to listen to some cracking old tunes.

Image: nico7martin

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