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Fresher’s Week: Your experiences

ByAmandine Riche

Sep 16, 2016

Enjoying Fresher’s Week and remembering it are two entirely different things. In my case, I can only claim the former to be true.

However, there is no doubt in my mind that my first week at university was thoroughly enjoyed, if the blurry pictures are anything to go by. Turbulent and wild as it was, it was in that week that I made some of my closest friends and experienced some of the most entertaining and bizarre moments of my life.

Perhaps the most surreal one being the Fresher’s Ball at the end of the week when, finding that the queue was too long, we decided to pass the time in the Pear Tree. Of course, being students, paying for drinks wasn’t an option so when one of the boys announced he had a bottle of champagne with him, we leapt at the chance to sneak that into the pub. Problem being; the bouncer at the door.

However, this appeared to pose no problem to my friend who, upon seeing the bouncer, turned towards us, winked and, with an overly dramatic flick of his hand, yanked the zipper to his dress pants down and thrust the bottle of champagne into his trousers.

Shockingly, the next thing we knew, we were sitting in the Pear Tree, sipping champagne out of the glasses he had managed to steal into which he poured the champagne which he had whipped out of his crotch. Did the bouncer think he was simply a young man compensating? Or like us, maybe he was so astounded by the nerve of it that he let us in as a sign of admiration.

Whatever his reasons were, I’m glad he let us in because that turned out to be the best and most memorable moment of my Fresher’s Week…perhaps because it’s the only moment I actually remember.

Image: Jessica Spengler

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