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Fringe 2022: Bella Hull: Babycakes Review

ByMolly Reynolds

Aug 17, 2022
Babycakes star Bella Hull portrait image, smiling at camera, baby pink background.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Bella Hull gets the audience interested and involved in the very first minute of the show, and from that point onwards there are many moments where it’s hard to forget that Bella Hull is not just one of your friends telling a hilarious story about their life.

Hull’s Babycakes is a laugh-out-loud show, although not for the fainthearted or prude. From dark humour about her childhood to an abundance of well-timed sexual references to her adulthood, there are many moments where you almost feel like you shouldn’t be laughing. 

But Hull is able to do what many comedians who deal with dark humour fail to do and that is to create an environment where the audience feels safe to laugh as much as you’d like and at whatever you’d like. This is probably helped by the venue; the bunkers in Pleasance Courtyard give just the right of intimacy to performers such as Hull, without the space feeling cramped or too packed, even in a sell-out show like this one! 

From bum holes and nail polish remover to Avril Lavigne and ball gowns, Bella Hull gives us a funny take on the life of a twenty-something-year-old in the 21st century. She is shooting for the stars, even if the stars are a kitchen island, a rich husband and being a MILF. 

Delivering the show to a full house and on a really hot day, Hull was able to confidently command the stage as her catwalk, handling difficult topics and very personal stories in a hilarious and completely transparent way. The one downfall of her delivery was a few moments of wavering over her topic, and an overuse of the term “like.” But Hull was able to point out her own downfalls and mistakes, poking fun at herself in a humorous way which exuded confidence. 

This confidence, along with being able to admit that what she puts on the table isn’t really for everyone, is what makes the show even more hilarious as Bella Hull is unapologetically herself. Her jokes about feminism, stories about her dating life, quips about job interviews and her numerous failed career attempts are what kept me hysterically laughing throughout, along with most of the crowd.

At the expense of men who’ve wronged her, of the audience but most importantly at the expense of herself, Hull puts on a wonderful performance, and I could not recommend the show enough. Not just for young women, but for people of all ages and genders, if you’re ready for some slightly inappropriate fun, Hull will have you belly laughing throughout! 

Go see Bella Hull: Babycakes at Pleasance Courtyard from August 17th-28th (14+) at 18:55.

Image accredited to The Other Richard, provided to The Student as press material.