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Fringe 2022: Christian Brighty: Playboy Review

ByMolly Reynolds

Aug 17, 2022
Christian Brighty

Rating: 5 out of 5.

As a sweaty Lord Christian Brighty stumbles into the room, wide-eyed and hot from having just had an encounter with Naughty Susan, he stares at the audience and promptly proclaims that we are all ugly.

Recounting a dubious back story involving chastity belts, a mysterious deformity and copious family wealth, Lord Brighty, a certified Playboy, stops only to continue insulting the crowd and to blow up an orphanage.

After Lord Brighty is hit by Cupid’s arrow within the first few minutes, a hilarious and witty story of love and lust is to follow, and the target of his affection is Duchess Jessica. The Duchess’s inexperience and her protective father are only the first hurdle the Lord faces in his pursuit. But what Brighty lacks in emotional intelligence, he is able to make up for in confidence, showing off his fine features and sexual prowess at every turn. The Duchess, who appears on stage only as a massive hoop skirt on the end of a stick controlled by Brighty himself, is played by Amy Greaves, who is also operating tech for the show.

And the number of sound effects, props, and lighting elements – used effectively and hilariously throughout – means we must give immense credit to Greaves for not only playing the voice of the love interest but also being the backbone of the show.

The interactive nature of the show brings the hilarity to the next level. When you walk into the show, you are given a “cannonball” with no other explanation to it but don’t worry, it’ll become obvious when it’s your turn to use your weapon! From painting live on stage to helping remove a chastity belt and beyond, this show gets more and more absurdly funny at every turn.

The show was nothing short of a medieval masterpiece, and proves how one man (and some hoop skirts) can fill up a whole stage and get a sold-out audience laughing their heads off!

Without a doubt this is not a fringe performance to miss, Christian Brighty is a Lord everyone should get an opportunity to be played by.

Christian Brighty: Playboy is showing at Pleasance Courtyard from August 18th-28th (16+).

Press Image credited to Ben Meadows.