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Fringe 2022: Lost and Found Review

Rating: 4 out of 5.

I was in George Square gardens the first Sunday of the Fringe when I received an airdrop request, which I of course accepted. The airdrop was a photo of the flyer for Lost and Found, a play put on as part of Theatre Paradok’s Paradok Platform, which is putting on nine new pieces of theatre during the fringe. This unusual marketing technique persuaded me to go and watch Lost and Found

Lost and Found is a funny and youthful play about Maeve, a young Scottish student at Edinburgh University who goes home to Glasgow with her two English friends from university. It is a relatable story about university and home lives colliding, and what happens when maybe too much is drunk on a night out. 

Staged on a small stage at La Belle Angele, an admittedly somewhat strange place to see a play, Lost and Found uses simple but clever staging to explore relationships, youth and ultimately humanity. The play handles both light and more complex topics with a humorous touch. You will laugh while watching this play, but you’ll also cringe at some scenes, sympathise with the characters and maybe even get a little bit emotional.

Lost and Found was directed by Olivia McGeachy, the youngest director at this year’s fringe, aged just 16, and written and co-produced by Molly Keating in her fringe debut (who also played Dylan in the play, one of the English friends of the main character). It is not at all obvious that this is the case, as the play is well-staged, well-written and well-acted. The characters feel real, like you might know them, and the story feels like it could’ve happened to anyone.

The acting and characters bring the play to life, and the small cast of characters makes the play easy to follow. The only slight moments of confusion are the first few appearances by the male characters, all played by Conor Mullen, as there are perhaps not as many distinguishing features between these characters as there could’ve been. The ending of the play is heart-warming, and leaves you thinking long after it’s finished. 

Theatre Paradok’s Paradok Platform is at La Belle Angele 5-6pm every day of the fringe. Check Theatre Paradok’s Instagram or website to see what’s on. Lost and Found was on from 9-11th August.

Image: provided to The Student as press material by the production company.