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Fringe 2022: Mark Thomas – Black and White Review

ByKeisha Frimpong

Aug 25, 2022
Mark Thomas

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Mark Thomas’ Black and White is a hilarious critique of the political state of the UK, both past and present. Thomas’ ability to mock the Conservative Party without having to resort to impersonation to create a pure mockery of their personal traits, is what makes Black and White a fantastic watch.

The atmosphere at The Stand shifted to a more wholesome crowd once Mark Thomas stepped onstage and unapologetically compared Edinburgh Fringe Festival to a scene in Get Out. Without missing a beat, Thomas served witty banter that caused his audience (myself included) to decorate the small, crowded room with laughter.

Mark Thomas is relatable, he makes his audience feel comfortable in a space where he is spouting uncomfortable jokes (well, uncomfortable for Tories). Unlike many political comedians, Thomas doesn’t pretend to be politically neutral. Whilst he does not align himself with a specific political party, he is honest about his feelings towards the Tory Party, the UK government’s attitude towards refugees and the ever-existing racist society that lives on throughout Britain.

Impressively, Thomas tackled hecklers with great enthusiasm. Without disrupting the rhythm of his show (like the hecklers did), the comedian drew attention to their antics, the fluidity of his response almost making it seem like a rehearsed part of his stand-up.

Black and White is a refreshing watch, unlike other stand-up comedians Thomas doesn’t rely on dad jokes, ultra-relatable content, and quite frankly predictable laughs. Alternatively, his shockingly truthful comparison of women’s safety in the UK being less important than the protection of historical statues like Henry Dundas. Coupled with his harsh critique on Priti Patel’s obsession with refusing refugees UK visas, makes Black and White a showcase of Mark Thomas’ hilariously candid views.

If you are looking for a stand-up comedy that will have you laughing to the point of tears go see Mark Thomas: Black and White. He is unapologetically honest in a way you have never and will never see again.

Mark Thomas: Black and White is showing at The Stand Comedy Club every day at 13.30 (14+).

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