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Fringe 2022: Mudfish: Might as Well Review

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Dan and Molly Mudfish are stuck down a well – accidentally, of course! Aside from being dung beetle activists and twins, the two ex-Cambridge Footlights are hilariously confident and wildly silly.

This is the best hour I’ve spent watching two people stuck down a well. Which might not be saying much, but trust me when I say that there wasn’t an audience member who wasn’t cackling at the well-timed jokes and banter-filled back and forth that these two have going on!

With a running theme of over-the-top climate activism and incorrectly used colloquial phrases, this show is so nicely tied together, despite there being a wide range in their sketches.

We return to certain characters throughout; dodgy celebrities, American diner waitresses and obscure German fish to mention a few. But most importantly, we meet the twins’ imaginary friends and the world they live in, which becomes more and more bizarre as the show goes on, to the point where it’s actually difficult to distinguish who is who.

Although Dan and Molly were able to conjure up a variety of different accents, characters and moods, towards the end it almost felt as if the audience were laughing but it wasn’t quite that clear what we were laughing at!

But that is the beauty of this show. To come out of a Fringe show with your stomach hurting from laughing so much, but being unable to really know how to describe it, is a truly unique moment.

With excellent use of voiceover, lighting and staging, and minimal but very effective props, this show is well put together and fits well with the confidence of the performers. The full house audience certainly helped, and these two knew how to work the crowd. Using the audience and our voices to their advantage, it really felt as though the show was something very special.

Being able to perform with such confidence and vivacity, but also include moments of a touching brother-sister (or twin) relationship, is something very difficult to achieve. Dan and Molly show immense promise as a duo, on their own, and as writers, and this show proves that!

If you’re ready for some weird and wonderful comedy, Mudfish: Might as Well, would be my pick for an afternoon show full of laughter and oddness.

Mudfish: Might as Well is at Underbelly, Cowgate (Belly Laugh) August 18-28 at 14:35.

Image courtesy of Mudfish: Might as Well, provided to The Student as press material.