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Fringe 2023: Attendants

ByMaisie McGuffie

Aug 7, 2023
Three flight attendants, holding suitcases that look too heavy for them

Rating: 4 out of 5.

As we entered theatre 2 at theSpace on the Mile, the cabin crew handed all “passengers” of the performance a leaflet titled ‘This for flying with … Applesby Air’. This, along with the theatre itself feeling reminiscent of an airport lounge, created a strong start for Attendants.

The jokes were both relevant and realistic, which allowed for the comedy to be enjoyed by all of the audience. My personal favourite was the stag do and the hen party that flew on the airline. Very cleverly, the cabin crew uniform was able to be very versatile, and the use of sunglasses and sound allowed for easy transition between sketches.

While humorous, Attendants did also cover some important topics. They looked at the sexualisation of female cabin crew, focusing on the outfits that they wear. In addition, they focused on how they are treated by customers, particularly male, and showed how uncomfortable this can feel.

Whilst they had a very small stage, there was a clear recreation of an aeroplane, and the use of small suitcases and four chairs were the only stage set. The performance ended very cleverly, with a certain very famous song that is played on a very famous airline TV advert, which I thought was great writing!

However, it must be noted that the length of the performance, or the ‘flight time’ is only 20 minutes. I would have liked the performance to have been slightly longer, as it was so entertaining! Nevertheless, the fact it was only 20 minutes did not reduce its enjoyment, and each individual story/sketch felt complete, so it didn’t feel like there were any hanging threads. Hats off to Amelie, Ava and Lola, three very talented young writers!

Attendants is on at theSpace on the Mile at 2:25pm until 12 August. Tickets are available here: https://tickets.edfringe.com/whats-on/attendants

Image by Tamsyn Morgans provided to The Student as press material.

By Maisie McGuffie

Opinion Editor