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Fringe 2023: Louise Young: Feral

ByIone Gildroy

Sep 13, 2023

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Louise Young is a confident and natural comedian whose debut stand up hour feels extremely fresh and covers a real range of topics in a sensitive and humorous way. She manages to cover class, sexuality, politics and severe mental health issues.

Young takes the stage in a confident and comfortable way, and it feels as if she is in control of the stage and of the audience. She chats with the audience without encouraging them too much, ensuring they know that she is in charge. This ability highlights Young’s writing, skill and confidence on stage. It never feels like she has lost control of her storytelling or train of thought, very impressive for a debut.

Occasionally, however, it feels like Young rattles through jokes almost too quickly – at times, it feels like we miss the chance to fully appreciate punchlines, which is a shame as they are mostly of a very high quality. This is perhaps because we have so much to get through in an hour.

Feral is a show that discusses some really harrowing stories, and how Young has navigated struggles with mental health and addiction. These big topics are handled sensitively and with a touch of lightheartedness that very occasionally feels slightly too lighthearted. But these are Young’s stories, and so she knows the best way to tell them. And it does feel that way – Young is a very likeable comedian, and at times it almost feels like she’s confiding in a friend.

Laughs are gained easily even with lighter hearted fare – her trials with the megabus, strange mindfulness solutions and how a relative was thinking of her during the Women’s World Cup because of her being gay.

Young is adept at discussing a range of topics in a comfortable and confident way, never seeming unsure of herself. Considering what much of the show covers, it is impressive that Young is so happy to share so much of herself with the audience, who leave feeling like they’ve made a new friend.

Feral covered so much that it could’ve filled five stand up hours, and so I can’t wait to see what Young will bring next as her star continues to rise.

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By Ione Gildroy

Deputy Editor-in-Chief Former News Editor