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Fringe 2023: Press Start! A Live Video Game Music Adventure

ByRosie Hodgson Smith

Aug 7, 2023
Press Start! poster

Rating: 5 out of 5.

I’ve seen the videos on Youtube, I know what a video game music performance is; classical renditions of the Ocarina of Time OST with lovely strings etc etc. However, as I should have assumed by its venue in The Jazz Bar, this was a joyous, roaring, and incredibly jazzy night.

Opening with the main theme from Super Mario 64, it is absurd how amazing this band are. As someone who goes to The Jazz Bar a decent amount, it is comically surreal how good a spoof video-game-music jazz band is, they sport some of the clearest brass I have heard in a while.

Even if they are playing a tune you are not familiar with, it is an A* showcase of the talent both behind the writing of these OSTs and the band itself. It’s not bar for bar, but a very fun display of young jazz talent that is not taking itself seriously, but still pulling off some nasty switch-up and grooves.

They play around with a few different genres, each showing off their range of instruments and cooling down from an explosive start. Then they pick up the pace by playing Mario Kart 8 songs live while audience members play. Despite milking it a bit, it was well done and very sweet.

With such a lighthearted and fun-loving band and audience, everyone is laughing, smiling, and cheering throughout. I truly reccommend such a fun and brilliantly executed night.

Press start! are playing just one more show on 14 August, 20:30 at The Jazz Bar. Tickets available here:


Images provided to The Student by Press Start! A Live Video Game Music Adventure.