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Fringe 2023: Sound and Vision

ByRosie Hodgson Smith

Aug 13, 2023
Image of the workshop spaceSound and vision workshop studio

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Sound and vision is another event at The Fringe this year, aiming to bring the arts to everyone. A David Bowie-inspired painting class that will provide you with top-notch materials and techniques that even I, as an art student, did not know. It is an excellent class for both beginners and experienced artists looking to branch out into something new.

Denise Harrison, who ran the event, dispensed a deep passion and range of knowledge that encapsulates what The Fringe Festival could be and provide to the Edinburgh local community and beyond. Furthermore, she creates a relaxing and friendly environment that inspires the group to experiment and be joyful whilst painting.

A live band serenades the lunch break with an acoustic rendition of Bowie songs that help set the tone even further. In the afternoon, in Bowie’s lyric writing style, our previous paintings are cut up and collaged into something completely new (of your own volition, of course).

Sound and Vision is a perfect example of why The Fringe Festival should bring more artists and learning events to Edinburgh in future years.

Although there are no further appearances at The Fringe, the company, Catalyst – The Immersive Painting Experience, runs these classes based on a range of musicians nationwide.

Image by Rosie Hodgson Smith