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Fringe 2023: The Willow Trio

ByRosie Hodgson Smith

Aug 18, 2023
Three harp players are positioned side by side on a stage against the backdrop of a black banner reading "ACOUSTIC MUSIC CENTRE".

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

At this unfortunately quiet venue, being a little ways from the centre, was a sense of stunning serenity and musical triumph from the trio of composers and harpists Sam MacAdam, Romy Wymer, and Sophie Rocks; or, The Willow Trio.

With a clear chemistry between the three, they bring groove and fun back to such a classical ‘serious’ instrument with Gaelic inspired compositions. They bring out the folklore and mythological beauty in the strings through waves of depths and heights and unexpected complexity. When the trio play together as a piece grows it shows a sweet understanding of one another and their instruments.

Taking us through the ocean and mysterious gardens, you may be lulled into closing you eyes and when you open them again you will be in another world. They give a preview of a new project, a Gaelic folk tale adaptation of Tchaikovsky’s Swan Lake ballet, The Swan of Salen, which will come to the Fringe next year as a full ballet.

Finishing with compositions focused on the sea and the extinct golden toad, you are left very fulfilled. The show really celebrates communities, family and nature whilst the harps rock like waves and cribs with the harpists.

The Willow Trio have no more performances at the Fringe, but you can find future appearances on their website here: https://www.thewillowtrio.co.uk

Image by Rosie Hodgson Smith