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Fringe 2023: Top of the World

ByOlivia Fischer

Aug 7, 2023
Image of the show's cover imageTop Of The World poster

Rating: 3 out of 5.

Every year theSpace champions brand new talent to the fringe, and this year is no exception. Top of the World is a two-hander written by Fabien O’Farrell (Bye Bye Baby) and produced by brand new, amateur Sheffield-based theatre company, Proper Chuffed. 

The show explores themes of PTSD, agoraphobia, and family through the relationship of two sisters, Audrey and Evelyn. Audrey hasn’t left her flat for a questionable amount of time (12 days?) and has instead built a fort out of sheets and pillows, playing old CDs from her pink childhood CD player and speaking to a recording of Graham Norton… while pretending to be a guest on Graham Norton’s couch (who hasn’t?). Her latest fear of the supermarket puts a huge wrench in her plans to have bolognese on her self-prescribed half-birthday. That is, until her younger sister unexpectedly shows up, bolognese in hand. 

The show is endearing and charming, with many laughs throughout. Neath Champion-Shorr and Maisie Jack, who play sisters Audrey and Evelyn, respectively, find a comfortable dynamic between them, making this play very easy to watch. Jack gives a solid performance, but Champion-Storr’s wacky and frantic energy steals the show. Both young actors show much promise, as does O’Farrell as the writer and director of the piece. The story is simple and needs more attention to bring dramatic action into the play, but the dialogue flows beautifully and proves that O’Farrell’s playwriting journey is only just beginning. 

Although there is room to grow for these young artists, their potential and passion are evident. And that is well and truly exciting. 

Top of the World is on at theSpace Surgeons Hall, Theatre 3, from the 6 to the 19 August at 6:10 pm. Tickets are available here: https://tickets.edfringe.com/whats-on/top-of-the-world

Images provided to The Student by Top Of The World