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ByOlivia Fischer

Aug 25, 2023
Half naked manAdam Scott-Rowley

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Following the critical and commercial success of THIS IS NOT CULTURALLY SIGNIFICANT, Adam Scott-Rowley returns with an equally spellbinding one-man show: YOU ARE GOING TO DIE. A physical triumph, this utterly bizarre and wondrous production explores the existential anxiety “as humanity stares down the proverbial toilet.” 

And yes, there is a toilet. 

But there is also Adam Scott-Rowley whose performance captivates you the minute you walk into Summerhall’s Old Lab. Perched on a toilet seat, Scott-Rowley gazes out at the audience and, although I was aware he was fully nude for the entirety of the performance prior to the show, I was still taken aback by this vulnerable and generous offering. This shock was short lived because from the second he began I was hooked. With focus and precision, Scott-Rowly contorts his body, his voice, his entire being into a multitude of characters ranging in ages, genders, and behaviors. They are so starkly different yet so believable and true that it’s never clear if Scott-Rowley is even in the theatre with us at all, or if he is momentarily possessed by these recognizable yet bewildering people. 

The dispersed bits of dialogue and hilarity, wrapped up in exquisitely absurd physical theatre in a cyclical rhythm, create a world of utter existential dread, which, much like death, there is no escaping. But do we really want to when Rowly-Scott is able to deliver it in such an entertaining and bizarrely brilliant way? 

YOU ARE GOING TO DIE is on at Summerhall, The Old Lab, from the 4th to the 27th of August at 20.50. Tickets available here: https://tickets.edfringe.com/whats-on/you-are-going-to-die

Image courtsey of Adam Scott-Rowley, provided to The Student as press material.