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Fringe preview: A Brief History of DISCO

ByRuth Murphy

Aug 9, 2017

The last few years have seen disco going through its second revival of the 21st century, after Madonna’s Confessions on a Dance Floor was released in the mid-2000s. Daft Punk, Bruno Mars and the Weeknd have been leaning heavily upon its influence to drive singles such as ‘Get Lucky’, ‘Uptown Funk’ and ‘Can’t Feel My Face’ to the top of the charts and keep them firmly perched there. Disco-themed club nights are taking place across the UK, including Itchy Feet and Soul Train, both of which were hosted by the late Studio 24, itself a tribute to the notorious hub of the NYC disco scene in Studio 54. Flares are back. No better time, then, for a retrospective on the era, its rise on the East Coast in the ‘60s and ‘70s, and its fall before the decade was out. ‘A Brief History of DISCO’ merges live disco music and historical narrative to explore how the artists, songs, and clubgoers of the time put their mark on society and cultures to come, from their role in race relations, gender identity and drug politics to the concept of celebrity and the DJ. The debauchery of the dancefloor and tales of the kings and queens of the boogie will be relived over 50 minutes, guided by a 7-piece live band and the legacy of CHIC, Kool and the Gang, The Bee Gees, Donna and Diana. If some late-night disco beats are what you’re after during the Fringe, and you have a spare tenner lying around (£8 for students), head down to Space Triplex between the 14th and 26th August and get ready to throw a few shapes.

Tickets: https://tickets.edfringe.com/whats-on/brief-history-of-disco

Image: Max Halbach

By Ruth Murphy

Music Editor


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