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Frogbelly and Symphony, Snide Rhythms and Kapil Seshasayee live at the Wee Red Bar

ByAmelia Abeyawardene

Feb 28, 2017

The Wee Red Bar is a much loved intimate venue used for live music, art exhibitions and club nights, located between Edinburgh College of Arts’ Main and Hunter Buildings. Red fairy lights adorn the ceiling, bathing the audience and performers in a rosy glow. Although there isn’t a stage in the bar, the wires connecting instruments to amps separate musicians from the audience and allow a more direct communication of unique sound and personality.

First to perform was self described ‘singer sludge writer’ from Glasgow, Kapil Seshasayee. At several points the singer dropped to his knees, overcome with emotional, artistic energy. Each song flowed into the other without intervals, as Kapil effortlessly created a vivid electronic soundscape while playing an electric guitar. Towards the end of his set he introduced an experimental instrument; part electric violin part percussion.

After a short interval, the Edinburgh based art rock trio Snide Rhythms took the stage. The highlight of the set is their latest track ‘Buffet & Disco’, with a build up of funky drum rhythms, layered with synths and droning lyrics about ‘muscle memory’ and ‘a cerebral sea’. The combination is dreamy, taking the audience on an ethereal, trippy journey. Despite not usually performing covers, the band plays a rendition of Mushroom by Can as a tribute to the late Jaki Liebezeit, with raw distorted vocals echoing through the bar. The band continues to play as they pack up their instruments, wandering off stage as the fast paced rhythms gradually slow to an even tempo.

Closing the night, Frogbelly and Symphony, international quartet, performed a collection of folk infused pop melodies. Tom Hanley on bass mentions that his show was the first gig of their UK tour, and Liz Hanley, who produced spectacular harmonies on the violin, recalls meeting Colvin the year before and falling  in love with a Snide Rhythms record.


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