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From India to Triana review

A perfect blend of Indian and flamenco, From India to Triana is an exploration of dance and music styles from the different cultures. 

Produced and staged by home-grown company, The Rootless Company, the show is a unique blend, the crowd able to appreciate various dance forms from the Indian and Romani culture within only an hour. Prior to the performance, the crowd is handed a booklet of the show, which sets the context for the show and is a nice touch for people who are new to both art forms. 

The show begins with a Bharatnatyam (an Indian classical dance) performance. Gabriela Albornoz captures the essence of the dance with her captivating expressions and fluid moves. The show then transitions to a Kathak dance with Nandini Manjunath, whose sharp moves and intricate footwork, captivate the crowd. Her ability to sing while dancing is noteworthy and signals the high performance standards of the company. 

The flamenco dancer, Inma Monterom, and gypsy dancer Estefancy Correia enter the stage, moving the performance away from Indian dance to the traditional flamenco-style of dance. The music changes with the spotlight on flamenco guitarist Daniel Martinez and singer Danielo Olivera. The transition is smooth and the audience notes the similarities between the two dance forms, especially in terms of the footwork. The show reaches a crescendo with a flamenco piece and subsequently a classical Indian music piece performed by all the dancers in their respective dance forms. 

The only pitfall with From India to Triana is the venue space assigned to the show, which does not work well for the style of performance. The audience sitting at the sides of the room are not able to capture the performance in its entirety. Ultimately, though, From India to Triana is for people who want to truly appreciate music and dance and are looking for a cultural experience during the Fringe.


From India to Triana

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Image: Rootless 

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