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Full Moon Cabaret

ByEmily Dominey

Aug 25, 2019

It is the stuff of Fringe myth, the Holy Grail: stumbling, unplanned, on your favourite show of the year. And it being free. For the more adventurous festival-goer, this myth could become reality if they get themselves down to Full Moon Cabaret before the end of its run.

Full Moon Cabaret is an import from Berlin with an international group of performers and a timeless feel to their style. Themed around Native American names for the full moon each month, the rest of this run is themed around The Flower Moon, with suitable innuendo in dress and dance linked to that theme.

Hosted by the irrepressible Viva Lamore, whose ‘Wet Dream’ finale will leave you breathless and beaming, a succession of burlesque performers showcase their bodies and brains in dances, songs and skits, a highlight being the bizarre striptease of the aptly-named Poppy Cox.

While there is noticeably imbalanced gender divide – all the solo performers present as feminine – interludes by the Full Moon Players redress that balance and add comic relief, as well as an interesting exploration of the nature theme.

The show takes place at the slightly far-out Raging Bull on Lothian Road, just around the corner from the notorious ‘pubic triangle’ strip clubs, yet it is a world away from them in displaying how titillation can be an art form celebrating the glories and diversity of the body, and even, at points, make a political statement. The audience, one imagines, is also more diverse, and perhaps even rowdier.

This show is 18+ for a reason, and not for the faint-hearted. There are surprises in every performance, not only in tantalising displays of flesh but in bursts of humour and ingenuity. The extreme audience-participation – a highlight for tonight’s eager audience – would be a nightmare for a more prudish crowd.

Full Moon Cabaret is, however, a glorious celebration of bodies and will leave you surprised, seduced, and covered in confetti.


Full Moon Cabaret is on at The Raging Bull – 161 Lothian Road

At 23.00 until 25th August

Book tickets here


Image: Sven Hagolani


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