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George Ezra

ByJessica Holmes

Sep 23, 2014
Image: http://payload199.cargocollective.com/1/10/329857/6285829/George-Ezra_905.jpg

This is the fourth single from Hertford-born singer songwriter George Ezra’s debut album. Despite the folky, upbeat guitar opening to the track the songs lyrics explore the idea of wasting time and throwing away your own opportunities – “We counted all our reasons, excuses that we made/ We found ourselves some treasure, then threw it all away”. This reflective outlook along with Ezra’s distinctively soulful and bluesy baritone vocals, which sound older than his years particularly as he sings the desperate refrain of “What you waiting for?”, make it hard to believe that he’s only just turned 21.            


Whilst it’s not a groundbreaking song with its simple guitar backing track and repetitive lyrics, it’s Ezra’s rich vocals that lift this single from another throw away catchy pop song to a more meaningful and emotive track.

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