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Get the Job Done: 5 student jobs to take on while studying in Edinburgh

ByTiago de Zoeten

Mar 7, 2016

Being a student means living on a budget, and by working you can get the extra money you need to enjoy university life. But finding a satisfying and well-paid part time job that will not interfere with your degree or ruin your social life can be a challenge. However, there is a way around that, and these are five great student jobs available in Edinburgh to get you started.

Tutoring secondary school students through an online platform can be a flexible way to get a good pay and enrich your CV. Working as a tutor, you can get £10-20 an hour and work whenever and wherever you want. You need to have achieved top grades in secondary school and be studying the subjects you want to tutor as part of your degree. Because it is all done online, you can forget about travelling time and expenses. Tutorial times are arranged with students and tutors can set themselves as unavailable if they are too busy with exams, deadlines or procrastination. Besides refreshing subject knowledge, online tutoring provides valuable teaching and communication skills. However, bear in mind that if you are an international student, your visa might not allow you to work on a self-employed basis, so take that into account when applying!

Waiting tables or working in a bar are classic student jobs. Meeting new people and working in a lively and busy atmosphere can be fun. You can generally chose the shifts you work, so it is a job that may fit around your degree and social life. However, this does not mean you can work whenever you feel like it. You may only be able to do long shifts at inconvenient times, such as during weekends or late at night. The average pay is about £6-8 per hour plus tips. There are many opportunities available, which makes it easier to find a place that suits your personality, is not too far away, and pays reasonably.

Working for EUSA can be a way of staying connected with the student atmosphere and meeting like-minded people. Many term-time positions are available, from bar or cafeteria work to developing and managing events. Hours are flexible but shifts may not always be available at the most convenient times. EUSA also offers a range of jobs during the Fringe Festival: this can be both an opportunity to experience the world’s largest arts festival and increase your savings at the same time. Roles at this time of the year include doing administrative work related to festival events, bartending and catering. The average pay for EUSA jobs is around £7 per hour, and may be a great choice if you want to work in a fun environment.

More and more companies are looking for students who can effectively get to the University student market. Brand ambassadors are generally given the freedom to develop their own marketing strategies and the kind of work involved can range from flyering to organising events and spreading the word on social media. Most brand ambassador roles are commission-based, meaning that your pay will depend on how well you promote your product. If things go well, a surprisingly good pay rate is possible, but there is also the risk of working and not getting paid if targets are not met. Some programs include a flat-rate of about £7-10 per hour, which makes them a safer option.

Going shopping may be the last thing on the mind of money-conscious students. However, as a mystery shopper, you can actually get paid to do so. Many shops, pubs and restaurants will pay to get the general public to secretly evaluate their customer services. Companies advertise assignments such as going to a shop, buying an item and filling a form about your shopping experience. The pay for an assignment is usually about £5-10 plus remuneration of shopping expenses and meals. While it may not add much to your CV, mystery shopping can be a casual way of earning some extra money without the pressure or hard work that goes into other part-time jobs.


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