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Got friends visiting? Here are the sites in Edinburgh to take them

ByAriane Branigan

Mar 31, 2019

The curse of living somewhere as beautiful as Edinburgh is that your hometown friends suddenly pop out of the woodwork to come and visit. They eagerly ask when they can come and experience all of Edinburgh’s hotspots. So, we have compiled a list of where to take your hometown friend to show them the best of what Edinburgh has to offer.

For the shopaholic :

Hannah Zakari

Located on Candlemaker Row, this shop is the perfect blend of kitsch and quirky, with its off-the-wall cards, temporary tattoos, enamel pins, and jewellery.

W. Armstrong & Son

This shop will fulfil all of your vintage dreams. Armstrong carefully curates its collection which spans multiple decades. Check out theirClerk Street, Grassmarket, and Teviot locations.

Paper Tiger

Think of Paper Tiger as Paperchase’s Edinburgh-exclusive independent older sibling. It is great year-round for your stationary needs but it is also ideal for exam season.

For the foodie :

Illegal Jack’s

This Tex-Mex restaurant is everyone’s favourite comeback story as it was forced to close in 2014 due to water damage. Now nestled away in St. Patrick’s Square, it has some incredible food. A vegan favourite is the pulled jackfruit burrito, but also has some good chicken, beef and a fine haggis burrito!

Hula Juice Bar

For the vegans out there, Hula has excellent smoothies and juices. ‘Sunshine in a cup’ is a particular favourite. It also has a large menu that caters to all sorts of tastes-. wraps, bowls, soups, it’s all here.

For the historian:

Gladstone’s Land, National Trust of Scotland

The third-oldest tenament on the Royal Mile, and it’s not looking too shabby. With its stunning painted ceilings and traditional Scottish architecture, this is a great way to spend an afternoon, and unlike a lot of tours, the tour of Gladstone Land is completely inside. Therefore, if that ambitious hike up Arthur’s Seat turns out to be a bit damper than expected, check out this historical land site.

The Real Mary King’s Close

Experience Edinburgh as it was – a warren of mazes and corridors, unseen to those on the upper levels. The tours run from 9:30 am to 9:30 pm in the summer months, and has an excellent reputation. It captures Edinburgh’s spooky past and is a great way to show your friend the very best of what historic Edinburgh has to offer.


Image: Saffron Blaze via Wikimedia Commons

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