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Gotta Taste ‘Em All – Susie’s Wholefood

ByJulie Zaugg

Feb 10, 2015

The street food review is back this week with Susie’s Wholefood, a lovely vegetarian food truck situated along the Meadows.

It’s a little bit hidden, behind the main library, so if you’re not spending a few hours of your time there, you may have never seen it. But those who cross the Meadows to go to university have surely already gazed at this vegetarian food truck with envy. Susie’s Wholefood is owned by Ian Wilson and Andy Sim. This is not really a new concept for the former, because he used to own a vegetarian restaurant in Edinburgh for 15 years. Despite the restaurant’s closure in 2010, he eventually wanted to be back in the food business, but decided to try it from a different angle: the street food one. Then, after struggling a little to get its license, Susie’s Wholefood was officially born on October 2013 and has been thriving ever since.

The menu changes regularly but you can always find tasty Mexican inspired meals, such as burritos, enchiladas, falafel (from £4) or different types of soup (£1.50). Not to mention that sweet aficionados will enjoy the variety of cakes on offer from £1.50/2.

The food truck used to open from Wednesday to Friday, but is now open 5 days a week from 12 to 2.15pm and will extend to 6 days a week in spring and maybe 7 days a week in summer with the festivals.

Speaking of the summer, there are potential plans to expand so we can look forward to more Susie’s Wholefood trucks in the area around that time. “This could be the start of an empire!,” jokingly adds the owner.  Well, who knows?

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