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Granddaddy – Way We Won’t

ByMegan Wallace

Sep 20, 2016

Ten years since their last album, indie-rockers Grandaddy release the two-song single ‘Way We Won’t’.‘Clear Your History’ is perhaps the most exciting of the two songs, with singer Jason Lytle’s reedy voice layered over clunky electronic textures to make this otherworldly ballad, reminiscent of the eerie oeuvre of bands like Beach House. ‘Way We Won’t’ is similarly somber in tone but feels more substantial; longer and more up-tempo, the track has more of a rock feel. Typical for the band, the lyrics deal with the dehumanising effect of technology, with more than a hint of wistfulness for a different time.

Overall, Way We Won’t is a very enjoyable release which voices a sense of disillusionment with the world which we can all identify with. However, while hardcore fans won’t be disappointed with Grandaddy’s staying true to their trademark sound, it’s disappointing that their music-making hiatus hasn’t yielded more experimentation.

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Image: Grandaddy

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