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Guards and civilians attacked by knifeman at Parliament gates

ByOlivia R. Nolan

Mar 29, 2017

On Wednesday, 22 March, Khalid Masood drove a car over Westminster Bridge onto the side walk and into the railings surrounding the Palace of Westminster.

Witnesses say he hit pedestrians indiscriminately until colliding with the railings, when he then proceeded to exit his vehicle wielding a knife.

Two civilians were killed by impact with Masood’s vehicle, while ‘dozens more’ were injured, according to the BBC.

After exiting his vehicle Masood ran towards the UK Parliament building, stabbing and killing Metropolitan Police Officer Keith Palmer, before he was shot down and killed by officers surrounding the Parliament building.

Masood, 52, who was a British citizen born in Kent, had previously been employed as an English teacher in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, before returning to the United Kingdom.

Masood had previous criminal convictions, but none relating to terrorism or extremism previously to the attack.

Since the attack, twelve people across the UK have been arrested under suspicion of helping Masood plan his actions, according to the BBC. Two London men of 58 and 30 remain in custody, while a Manchester woman of 32 has been released on Police bail until further notice.

The attack itself is said not to have lasted longer than 82 seconds.

Speaking to MPs in Parliament on the same day as the attack, Prime Minister Theresa May spoke about how best to move forward from the situation.

“We will all move forward together. Never give in to terror and never allow the voices of hate and evil to drive us apart,” she said on the house floor.

Image: David Holt

By Olivia R. Nolan

Olivia is the current News Editor for The Student newspaper. She is a second year History and Literature student hailing from New York City.

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