Halloween Outfit Inspo

It’s that time of year again, that October weekend when you’re encouraged to let loose, dress up, and put on your dancing shoes. Halloween. That marmite of a holiday that divides the nation; some of us love it, but for others it’s just not meant to be. Whether it’s for you or not, this guide might help you come up with an outfit idea that’s a bit more original than a witch, to stop you from being faced with an awkward pres.

With every other girl last year on TikTok getting ready in their pirate costume, my prediction is this year is the year of the fairy; the ethereal Midsummer Night’s Dream TikTok fairy (if there is such a thing). With corsets trending all over social media, it’s a quick put together of a miniskirt corset duo (or a minidress) and a pair of fairy wings from Amazon. I think we will be seeing a lot of fairies this Autumn.

What am I going as this year?  Knowing me I will be changing my mind an hour before I’m due to leave the flat, but so far I’m thinking Dora the Explorer. Most people aren’t sold until I show them Jessica Alba circa 2018 going as Dora the Explorer – she nails it! It’s minimum effort, a unique costume, and you still get to feel ‘nice’.  Bonus points for it also being boyfriend-able, with a lot of persuasion I reckon you could swing the bf round to being your Diego.

For a quick last minute fix, look no further than this year’s trending last minute costume, the ouija board! Simply dress up in all black, write the alphabet on your chest, and you’re done. It doesn’t even have to be black, any dark colour and you’re set for the night with minimal effort. 

Another easy costume would be the matrix (also works for groups – ideal). Are you even an ‘Edi’ girl if you haven’t got a black leather coat lying around somewhere? Simply pick up a pair of charity shop sunglasses and an all black outfit and you’re done.  

If an all black and leather look is not your thing, maybe try Lara Croft. A pair of black gym shorts, green tank, and optional side holster. In my opinion I think if you fake some bruises and some bandages you don’t even need the side holster. Super easy, no fuss.

A group costume idea would have to be Peaky Blinders. All it takes is a charity shop waistcoat, a pair of mens trousers, and a flat cap. It’s not limited to numbers, so it can be a big group event with everyone getting ready together.  Also it’s perfect for a cold winter night in Edinburgh, with plenty of layers for minimum skin exposure.

Honourable mentions: this is just a collection of costumes I think deserve recognition, if none of the others have grabbed you yet.

  • Alice (Florence Pugh) from Don’t Worry Darling, after she fatally stabs Harry Styles. A 2000’s up do, a pretty white dress (that you’re willing to cover in fake blood) and you’re done. Also it’s an excuse to wear a pretty white dress without being a basic angel. 
  • Pamela Anderson. The Baywatch star’s outfits have been circling Pinterest boards thanks to the new film Pam and Tommy starring Lily James and Sebastian Stan. This costume involves us delving into the backs of our wardrobe to wear that pair of leather trousers we’ve always been daring to. An excuse to put together an outfit and pull out your confident alter ego.
  • Audrey Hepburn from Breakfast at Tiffany’s. A go to costume from an iconic film. All you need is a black dress, some fake pearls, maybe a tiara and your hair in an up-do. Voila! – you are the chicest person around.

Photo credit: “Happy Hoosier Halloween” by Theresa Thompson is licensed under CC BY 2.0.