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Haries succeed on both track and trail

BySarah Henderson

Apr 21, 2016

The Hare and Hounds running club have had a phenomenally successful year of racing. The club’s achievements, led by Captains Matthew Rallinson and Bronagh Wishart, are almost too numerous to mention and innovation within the club has been evident throughout the year. The club has consolidated its strengths to ensure a truly successful year of running.

Within the first semester the Haries continually ran well. Notable successes included victory at Scottish University championships and a very successful turnout and race at the home Braids Hill race.

Throughout the second semester both men and women’s teams continued to achieve, giving a strong performance at BUCS in Cheltenham. Considering the calibre of athletes in the field the teams did incredibly well: the men secured 9th place, whilst the women narrowly missed out on bronze position by securing 4th position. The Haries also managed to put in a solid performance at the Nationals, which is no mean feat considering the opposition from larger, more sports-driven universities.

It remains the case, however, that whilst the team have had a great degree of success certain individuals have had their hard efforts rewarded with outstanding results. Scott Stirling has consistently provided invaluable performances and dedication to the Haries, really coming into strong form throughout the year and securing victory as Scottish Universities Champion.

Steph Pennycook has also had a phenomenal season, consistently putting in podium performances throughout the year. Her successes have ranged from winning Nationals, winning Scottish Nationals with a margin of over 30 seconds, to finishing just one place behind Jessica Judd at BUCS.

Mike Christoforou, Elisha de Mello James Dunn, and Andrew Lawler have consistently run for the men’s A team throughout the year.

Furthermore, freshers Euan Gilham and Emily Kearney have proved to be an injection of fresh talent for the club, training hard and running nationally as well as for the Haries.

Innovation has also been a prevalent feature of the year for the Haries. The main race hosted by the Haries in October, Braids Hill race, allowed men and women to choose the 5 or 10k distance. Previously, the race was divided according to women racing the 5k, and men racing the 10k distances. This proved popular and the event saw the largest turnout ever recorded.

Change hasn’t been  limited to the roads; in conjunction with EdEx through the Sports Union the club has also provided students with the opportunity to try out fell running, allowing new runners a chance to make the most of the stunning Pentlands Hills.

The club has also seen the work of coach Alistair Russel, which provided new and interesting training sessions and supportive guidance, allowing for growth and improvement in invaluable measure. Alistair’s dedication to the club resulted in a Scottish Athletics award for his coaching, a well-deserved achievement and no mean feat.

The Haries have undoubtedly had a truly great year of training and racing.

Image courtesy of Edinburgh University Hare and Hounds

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