Harry Potter themed bar set to arrive in Edinburgh in 2018

The wizarding world of Harry Potter has been connected with Edinburgh since its inception. Victoria Street has often been suggested as the inspiration for Diagon Alley, while JK Rowling is said to have written much of the series in The Elephant House on George IV Bridge.

Now, this relationship is going to become even more magical with a pop-up potions bar.

Local events company the Pop Up Geeks have teased would-be wizards with their latest project on social media, revealing that the ‘Perilous Potions’ bar will be opening next year, inspired by the works of JK Rowling.

The company aim to create ‘unique and immersive drinking experiences’, drawing on popular fictional works. Previous events have included ‘Blood and Wine’, a Game of Thrones themed bar, as well as ‘The Upside Down’, based on the Netflix series Stranger Things, with a Rick and Morty bar also coming up in the future.

The company’s Instagram posts suggest that cocktails may include their own take on the Hogsmeade classic Butterbeer, as well as other potion inspired drinks. As an interactive experience, guests will likely be able to conjure their own creations, as if in a potion class at Hogwarts.

An anonymous source has told The Student that pop up may be housed in The Conan Doyle pub on York Place, however, the official location is yet to be announced.

Keep an eye on the Pop Up Geeks Facebook and Twitter pages for more information about this enchanting event.


image: pexels via Pixabay

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