Health and well-being photo essay

Health and well-being is a high priority in current health and social care provision. The importance of the promotion of this is due to the dramatically increasing trend of morbidity and mortality from health problems, illness, and chronic disease.



Photo: Dienu Prihartadi


The holistic view of health sees all of a person’s mental and physical health as interconnected. It is therefore also very important to take into account social, intellectual and emotional factors when assessing physical symptoms and vice versa. 



Photo: Shannen Tioniwar


Here at the University of Edinburgh, we promote health and wellbeing to ensure students recognise the importance of sustaining their overall health and ensuring that they know that we are here to help if it is is needed. 

This Probe outside of Teviot, George square is used to advertise this topic, to ensure that it is normal for you to not feel okay and to recognise that there are other people who feel the same. 

Photo: Shannen Tioniwar


This event was supported by Edinburgh University Students’ Association, and the Sports Union at the University of Edinburgh as well as the university itself in order to reach the biggest audience.

Please aid this program and reach out to your friends or other students who might need help, check in on them and ask them how they are doing once in a while. Make sure your friends are okay! This will make the university community a much better, safer place for all of us. We hope you all are alright.


Photo: Shannen Tioniwar

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