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Heavy Flow – the club night combatting period poverty

ByEllie-Jo Johnstone

Jan 19, 2020

Heavy Flow is back, spreading positivity and change that extends way beyond the Cowgate dance floor.

Using their platform to promote a worthwhile cause and donating all of the proceeds to a charity is a pretty impressive feat, and let’s be honest: how often do you have the opportunity to ‘get down n boogie’ with your pals whilst also doing your bit for charity?

Heavy Flow is an Edinburgh club night with a difference. Run by the team at Sanitree, the night brings you the perfect mix of funky tunes and fresh talent whilst simultaneously bestowing 100 per cent of its profit to a revolutionary organisation.

Sanitree is a social enterprise run by students at The University of Edinburgh. Their work aims to tackle period poverty through the sustainable production of reusable sanitary pads, as well as reducing the general stigma around periods internationally. Working in collaboration with the Jeevan Arth Foundation based in Jaipur, the enterprise marks a significant step in the irradiation of indigence and stigma surrounding all things menstruation.

A recent study undertaken in Northern India by WaterAid and various NGO partners, found that ’41 per cent of respondents had no information, and were either completely unaware about menstruation or did not have any knowledge about the purpose of menstruation as a biological process prior to its onset.’ This statistic is startling when considered alongside the fact that: of those that were aware of menstruation prior to their first period, ‘most had got the information from their friends and mothers; only 2 per cent and 1 per cent of respondents had received information from their teachers or schools, and books, respectively.’

Sanitree believe that it is vital for information to be passed on in a ‘culturally sensitive, positive manner’ and the work they do helps push the initiative that knowledge truly is power.

Getting involved with such an alarming international issue can seem unattainable and overwhelming, but nights like Heavy Flow mean we can all play our small but very significant part in diminishing period poverty and stigma.

After two previous extremely successful, sell-out events, the night is back and bigger than ever. Harvesting a mixture of local talent, funky tunes and all-round progressive fun. This week’s Heavy Flow is held in collaboration with Sam Gellaitry – one of the biggest names in the electronic music scene over the past four years. Gellaitry will be DJing alongside some of Edinburgh’s amazing local talent with outstanding vibes also provided by local DJ Iced Gem – a member of the miss world collective, as well as Phat Earth Society and Hiba.

Heavy Flow is coming to The Mash House on Tuesday 21 January. Tickets are on their final release so spare that £8.50 and get on down to The Mash House for a dance with a difference. Plus, nothing soothes those hangover blues like knowing that the money you spent wasn’t just wasted on you getting wasted. You can wake up on Wednesday knowing that you danced your way into making a difference.

Tickets are available via Fixr at : https://fixr.co/event/154262994?fbclid=IwAR2gvf_yESKlHCczYX9b__6YC51dRl5ZXFyPe_4I9pPGDsO757Fkc5y3dAg

To follow Heavy Flow/ Sanitree on their journey, follow them on Instagram @heavy_fl0w / @sani.tree or like ‘Sanitree’ on Facebook to ensure that you keep up with the team and all of their amazing achievements and opportunities.