Here we go again

2021 has immediately started off even worse than any of us could have predicted. I’m reminded of last January’s Australian bushfires and threats of global conflict and even when considering that, this is still a worse beginning than last year.

One only needs to glance at the news to be given a reason to pour a stiff drink (think vodka and coke, bar the coke). And it is difficult to determine which of all the shitty events we’re currently living through is the worst. There is no clear order on the spectrum of crappy things anymore.

Over the last few years we have seen western, liberal democracies struggle with their sense of nationhood, and become bogged down in tough moral crises about whether nazis are actually the goodies.

Nowhere is this more evident than in the dis-United States and Kingdom. Collectives which once prided themselves on being the stalwart defenders of rigorous and open democracy, exporting it around the world on the backs of drones and tanks. Yet it would seem that we are the ones in need of some of that democracy. Recent events have given Russia, Turkey, and Israel, amongst others, an opportunity to claim a moral high ground which they have no right to, and to fuel the chants of their crackpot supporters.

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Brexit has been finalised and is everything we could have expected. It is inarguably a shit deal. In fact, it’s barely even a deal. Instead it is naught but a placeholder. One which must be renegotiated – in full – in five and a half years time. At which point the Prime Minister and his feckless goons will be long gone, living in the lap of luxury on one of Branson’s islands, or maybe, just down the road from one of Murdoch’s mansions. Their deed done, money in the pockets of their backers, the UK economy disemboweled and tossed in the canal, and all of it blamed on ‘bastard foreigners’ and the coronavirus.

2021 must be year in which we begin to ‘take back control’ as the ever-sane britnat brexiteers would bawl. Democracy and social democratic principles must take centre stage or else we risk leaving total power in the hands of the right, of extremist conservative ideologies, of isolationists, despots and xenophobes. Of the Johnsons’, Trumps’, Erdogans’, Dudas’, and Bolsonaros’ of the world. The United States has taken the first step in that journey but the election of a profoundly centrist coffin dodger isn’t the death knell of modern facism that we’d all like to believe it was.

In Wales and Scotland, elections to the Senedd and Holyrood are due to take place in May, giving us an opportunity to vote out the increasingly right-wing conservatives and their friends in UKIP and whatever the Brexit party is calling itself these days. These are an opportunity, our last real chance to steer the future of each country and finally resolve the abusive relationship with the Westminster bubble and it’s bully boy leaders.

In London, mayoral elections are upcoming, giving people there a chance to ensure that the seat of power retains some of the maturity and sense that Khan has injected into it, following the bumbling ineptitude of his predecessor. Indeed, there will be local authority and mayoral elections taking place in regions across England, assuming Johnson’s cabal of right-wing ‘brexshiteers’ can be held back from delaying them. They too are an opportunity for the English electorate to finally put their money where their mouth is and condemn the current leadership in London.

Starmer’s Labour is hardly the winged hussars barreling down the hill, but the English – much like the Americans – are stuck with only two shitty options. Political engagement is the only way to stop the cluster-bourach of the last few years from worsening, otherwise we can say goodbye to every cause that anyone of sense values. We are running out of time to change the record.

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By Adam Losekoot

Senior Opinion Editor, 'The Opinionator', sexy bastard and all round stand up guy

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