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Hey, Hey, You, You, Happy Birthday Avril

Wednesday September 27 marks the 33rd birthday of one of the most incredible stars of our generation, Avril Lavigne (1984-2003?).

To mark this special occasion here is our ode to Avril.

Born in Ontario, Canada, the punk-rock artist began her musical life singing at her local church. At just 16 years old she moved to Manhattan to work on her debut album, before dropping out of high school to devote all of her time to her art. Throughout her career, Avril has experimented with a number of musical styles with a focus on pop punk. Her first album, Let Go, was released in 2002 to huge critical and commercial success.

Her follow up albums were met with an equally good response despite her dip into a darker and grungier sound. Her most recent, self-titled album, returned to more of a pop sound with multiple upbeat and cheery tracks such as Sippin’ On Sunshine and Here’s to Never Growing Up.

This dramatic change in music style has created the theory that Avril died when she was 18 years old and the ‘Avril’ that we see now is actually her friend and Doppelgänger – Melissa Vandella.

Evidence supporting this theory includes the difference in dress sense and facial features between the Avril that was seen between pre-2003 and modern-day Avril.  Her height has also been changed on various websites. The most convincing evidence comes from lyrics like ‘The truth comes to me and I’m living a lie’, (heard in Together) that could point to the truth about her identity. Despite this, it cannot be denied that her music is iconic and she is responsible for some of the catchiest and coolest songs of the past 16 years.

Luckily for us, earlier in 2017 ‘Avril’ hinted that after a long struggle with Lyme Disease she is back in the studio and working on new music for us to hear towards the end of this year.

Bring on Christmas!


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