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Highlights from EIFF’s The Young & the Wild Programme

ByKatharine Cook

Jun 22, 2018

The Young and the Wild is a strand of the Edinburgh Film Festival (EIFF) aimed at young people between the ages of 15 to 25 years old. From the 22nd to 30th June, a vast range of events will be hosted at the Young and the Wild HQ (the Cornerstone Centre in St Johns Church, Princes Street) to showcase films and help young people learn more about working in the film industry. Below is an introduction to some of the highlights of this year’s the Young and the Wild programme.

The Young and the Wild Launch Event

17:30 at the Young and the Wild HQ on 22nd June

This launch event looks like a great opportunity to familiarise yourself with the Young and the Wild programme and meet like-minded young people who are attending the festival.

Shorts: The Young & the Wild

18:25pm in Cineworld on 23rd June

A screening of seven shorts that were chosen by EIFF’s Young Programmers, a collection of young people who have been meeting over the past year to watch and pick films from this year’s festival that are suitable for young people. The group will also host many of the upcoming events at the Young and the Wild HQ.

I See Dead People: Spotlight on Horror Films

4:30pm at the Young and the Wild HQ on 24th June

This event is a conversation between Dr Lucy Donaldson, a Lecturer in Film Studies at the University of St Andrews, and John McPhail who directed Anna and the Apocalypse. The pair will consider what makes a horror film scary and will work with those in the audience to create the next terrifying blockbuster.

Spotlight on Editing

4:30pm at the Young and the Wild HQ on 26th June

An editing showcase that will teach attendees all about the process of editing a film. Florian Nonnenmacher, who has edited an impressive number of films throughout his career, will be at the event to share his wisdom to aspiring editors.

In Person: Kevin Guthrie

7pm at the Young and the Wild HQ on 27th June

An opportunity to hear from one of Scotland’s most well-known actors who has appeared in titles such as Sunshine on Leith (2013), Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them (2016), and Dunkirk (2017). This event will be a conversation about Kevin’s acting journey so far and will likely include the opportunity to ask him some questions.

Shorts: New Visions

15:35pm at Cineworld on 30th June

EIFF’s Youth Advisory Group have compiled a collection of the best short films they received from young filmmakers across Scotland. All of the films screened at this event are finalists for the New Vision award, this is a great opportunity to see the work of Scotland’s up and coming filmmakers.

Janine Koppe, EIFF’s Youth Events Manager, said the following about the Young and the Wild programme: “I see our purpose in connecting young people with the world of film in all its facets – cinema, filmmaking, film exhibition, film journalism, we cover it all. We help make the industry transparent and more accessible.

“If you’re a young person with an interest in film, we help you discover which departments and jobs exist, and put you in touch with people who help you get your foot in the door. We also nurture new filmmaking talent, for example through our New Visions short film competition.

“Fostering that relationship between young people and the industry is a vital aspect of what we do and we’re incredibly lucky to be supported by so many local and national agencies, organisations and individuals who participate in our events and lend their expertise.”

All of the events in the Young and the Wild programme are free to individuals with a Young and the Wild pass, which can be purchased on the EIFF website.

By Katharine Cook

An undergraduate Psychology student with a passion for strong coffee and student journalism. Lifestyle editor.

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