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Hinds – Holograma

ByNell May

Nov 13, 2016

Madrid quartet Hinds’ new single consists of two covers, ‘When It Comes to You’ (Dead Ghosts) and ‘Holograma’ (Los Nastys).

‘Holograma’ was first released in 2014 by Los Nastys, who are also from Madrid. It also happens to be the girls’ first track in Spanish. Although many fans won’t have a clue what they’re saying, the track is full of energy and crazy harmonies that somehow seem to fit. The drums make this track work though, cool and loose enabling the vocal to power through.

‘When It Comes To You’ sounds very similar to Dead Ghosts’ original. It’s a quieter track though and the backing is far less audible. It is also a pretty sombre affair with the harmonies on this track really blending.

Together, the tracks show that Hinds have even more to offer than we might have thought. They are two of the best covers I’ve heard this year.  Hinds set off on their UK tour at the end of the month and hit Glasgow on 27th November.



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