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Hocus Pocus: how to embrace your inner witch

ByJulia Weir

Oct 24, 2018

Bubble, bubble, toil and trouble! The season of Halloween is upon us and we are all ready to get spooky with our friends. Perhaps, you are interested in dipping your toe into the world of witchcraft. Well, here are some ideas to help you embrace your inner witch.

It is important to address that witchcraft is something that we have all heard of but we may not take seriously. It is important to remember that witchcraft is a way of life for many. This month alone, Sephora planned to release a beginners’ witch kit, but production had to be halted after many witches took offence. That being said, there are lots of fun and interesting ways to incorporate witchcraft into your everyday life, without being offensive.

Healing crystals are a great place to start for beginner witches. Crystals have become an extremely popular way of healing and promoting health, happiness and success in your life. They have gained popularity in the celebrity world, with Victoria Beckham and Katy Perry being advocates for their use and power.

In a nutshell, crystal healing is a form of therapy which involves placing crystals on or near the body to expel negative energies. Experts suggest keeping them in your pocket, bag or even behind your laptop as you work. However, there is the question of which crystals individuals should be using. When it comes to students, are there particular crystals that can help with the stresses of uni life?

Amethysts may be the key in helping you get through deadline season as they are thought to help with addictions and disruptive behaviour – perhaps encouraging you to get started on that essay rather that hitting the ‘next episode’ button on Netflix.

Another helpful crystal is citrine, or the ‘stone of success’. It is rather obvious what this one does and they may help with increasing your confidence when it comes to chasing that first class honours degree that you’ve been dreaming of. However, remember that crystals do not make things happen by magic. Do the work, have some crystals nearby and you never know what might happen!

Natural remedies are also a fantastic thing for the novice. This is not overly complicated and includes many remedies that you may already know about. For example; using aloe vera to soothe burns, chamomile tea for indigestion and cranberry juice for urinary tract infections.

Being a witch is partly about feeling connected to nature and so using natural remedies instead of putting chemicals into your body can only help to enhance your power. Though caution is recommended as many of these natural remedies are full of myths and old wives tales so don’t get your hopes up too high for some actual results!

In all of the above it is easy to see that being a witch is really about directing the forces in your life and being creative. It is about feeling connected to nature and seeing more than the superficial.

Remember, if you try out some of these beginner tips and feel like you want to incorporate some more witchy practices into your daily life, witches have a large social media presence! Why not start an insta and find others who are willing to help you expand your knowledge of witchcraft, or visit some of their shops? You may just find your coven!

Image Credit: MiraCosic via Pixabay 

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