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How to dress for Halloween on a budget

ByLydia Lowe

Oct 24, 2018

It is easy for the fun of dressing up for Halloween to quickly turn into stress, as putting together the perfect costume can be difficult on a student budget. However, it is still possible to create an amazing outfit without breaking the bank by thinking about what is already in your wardrobe or getting creative with makeup and craft materials that might be on hand.

The first place to look when planning a Halloween costume should always be your own wardrobe. It may seem obvious, but it can be surprisingly easy to forget that you might already own the right clothing for a certain costume.

Obviously, anything black or red can transform you into the classic cat or devil. To create something more unique, think about TV characters or celebrities who you can transform into just by using everyday clothes. They might have a certain hairstyle or tattoo that you could recreate to finish off the look.

If you don’t already have, or can’t borrow particular pieces, instead of panic online shopping (and paying for extortionate delivery), try searching the many charity shops that Edinburgh has to offer. Nicolson Street just off George Square is a charity shop paradise, offering a selection of bargains from props to accessories.

Another budget-friendly way of creating a costume is to DIY, by using those items that you never threw away ‘just in case.’ For example, a broken black umbrella can be transformed into bat wings, or cardboard boxes and paint can open up a world of possibilities!

You can make your own fake blood with ingredients already in your cupboard to splatter across any outfit to give it a spooky feel. All you need to do is whisk two tablespoons of flour with 240ml water, simmer them together for half an hour to let the mixture thicken, then add two tablespoons of red food colouring once it has cooled.

For those who enjoy experimenting with makeup, by using a pair of fishnet tights as a stencil for fishy scales you can transform yourself into a mermaid! You just need a willing friend to hold the tights over your face while you sponge or brush your most shimmery eyeshadow over the top. This look can be as simple or artistic as you choose, for example using a variety of different colours or adding shiny eyeliner can really bring it to life.

Putting together a Halloween costume doesn’t have to be stressful or expensive if you use your creativity and imagination. Most importantly, you should feel comfortable in whatever you wear, without getting a fright from your bank statement!

Image: Lumpi via Pixabay

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