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How to get the most out of your Pleasance gym membership

ByAdam Lynn

Feb 17, 2024

Whether it is used by sports societies or by people looking to work out, the Pleasance Sports Complex & Gym is an essential component of the university. Pleasance has a multitude of amenities, including basketball courts, rowing gyms, and exercise areas. While all these amenities make up a good sports complex, they are not free to use. If you are not a member of Pleasance, you will have to pay to rent out amenities like the squash courts, basketball courts, etc. However, in this article, we asked active Plesance members what they thought of their membership.

Pleasance has a wide variety of different types of memberships that an Edinburgh undergraduate student can choose to pay for. If someone wanted to test it out, a single-semester membership is £77. This would be a full-peak membership that gives members access to the gym, pool, and all other amenities. A semester off-peak membership is also available for £61, only needing you to go between 6 a.m. and 2:30 p.m. on weekdays (access is 24 hours on weekends). The full-year membership peak would be £118, and off-peak would be £88. Both access all the amenities except the climbing wall.

One member mentions how important it is that Pleasance has a jiu-jitsu room, boxing room, and sauna. He says these are important so he can practice together with his friends. That all of this together is only £30 is what stands out to these members, whereas at other gyms, it can be up to £25 for one small room. 

A rower for the university mentions that, since joining the rowing team, she has been able to use her Pleasance membership to the full extent. Members of most sports societies will have to buy a Pleasance membership to join the team. The rower mentions how she goes to Pleasance at least once a day to use the rowing gym or the performance gym.

Pleasance offers a plethora of features and value-based pricing that caters to members’ needs in one convenient location. Pleasance members believe that their membership is worth the cost and that it provides them with all the tools necessary to accomplish their objectives.

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