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How to make your dingy student flat into a home

ByAmanda-Marie kale

Sep 11, 2018

Need advice on how to make your stale space into a personalized sanctuary this year? Then look no further—here are five simple, accessible ways to transform your flat into a haven.


By decorating your space with plants, you’re inviting nature indoors, particularly when we are so often holed up inside, cramming that last-minute essay or escaping that harsh Scottish cold. Having house plants will increase your productivity and help calm your anxieties. Not much of a green thumb? No worries! The ever-popular succulent is a cheap and a maintenance-free option.

Twinkle Lights

Yes, this may be a cliché nowadays – seemingly every student room across the globe is covered in parents’ old Christmas lights. However, they’re popular because they really work. Low lighting, such as fairy light, lamps or candles (if able) soften your space and create an ambiance that will ease anxiety and stress after long, busy working days.

Light and Soft

In such a small space, comfort is key. Not only should you opt for as many throw pillows and blankets to make you feel cosy but by keeping everything in light and neutral colours, you’re a maximising the potential of your space to give off the most peaceful and comfortable vibe.

Feng Shui it up

No, this does not mean you need to get up and start reorganising your entire flat. You can create a flow throughout your space by organising it in such a way that best befits your life and daily schedule. This could include having a designated place to toss your keys or keeping the path between you and your bed, kitchen, bathroom clear of any traffic and mess. It’s the little things that count.


This may be hard to do in today’s world. However, keeping the multitude of chords we possess neat and hidden from sight is a great way of organising your place and ensuring it remains neat and hazard-free. Keep chords tucked neatly away behind a desk but keep the plug-ins accessible by clipping them to the end of your desk. You could even cover that ugly power strip with a decorative box, cover or tape. Unleash your inner Pinterest.


Image: Jezriel Supang Ucho via pexels

By Amanda-Marie kale

Freelance Writer & Editor, Fringe 2018 Reviewer, and MSc student in Creative Writing: amandamariekale.wordpress.com

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